Unity Peace Project: MLK Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness


In January we focus on the power of faith and we celebrate and honor the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This video vignette honors Dr. King as an example of the formative power of the Word and demonstrates how important it is to teach our children how to speak words and hold thoughts of peace.

The Resurrection: A Unity Perspective

Stained glass artist and Unity congregant, Bryan Lewis, is featured in this vignette as he restores The Resurrection for St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Kansas City, MO. He shares how this is a spiritual process of discerning what pieces need to be cleaned, restored, discarded, or replaced- much like we treat our thoughts as Truth students.

New Life: Applying Unity Principles

Unity Worldwide Media spotlights the social entrepreneurship of Unity minister Rev Lonnie Vanderslice and her partner Kelly Wilson in their business model for Weave Gotcha Covered.

Unity Peace Project: What Child is This?

The Christmas story—God incarnate through the most vulnerable among us, a newborn—is a story of divine love made manifest in humanity. It is easy to love a baby. In this vignette, we ask the question: Can you love the one who holds the baby the way you love the baby? We are all, each of us, the Christmas miracle—the presence of the Divine on earth.